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Project Logistic Management


Services features:

Safe and reliable
*To ensure the safety of transportation, totally-enclosed trucks within a running history of 5 years and maintain the healthiest condition.

*Equipped with GPS, can be positioned via PC, mobile phone etc for your information.
*High operation standardization: ISO9001 system for quality certification and truck security certification by TAPA
*Insrance service: Softtrans express provides insurance policy for your goods to ensure security.

Product advantages:*Accurate and efficient, fully track and monitor during transportation. Strictly control the operation procedure and goods in-transit time to make sure fast and efficient.

Softtrans FCL transportation service is economical, safe, fast, high performance-to-price ratio and provide customers with cost-efficient FCL special-line transportation services.
*Quality service, Softtrans provides real-time inquiry system and can get the first-hand information.

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